Logos have been around since basically the beginning of time. They are simply an emblem, a mark, or a symbol—whether in text or in graphic design—that represents a person, a group of people, an idea, or a business.
The purpose of the logo is to help people identify who you are and what you represent. In times past, a king would have used a signet ring to stamp his authority on letters. Consider a country flag. These are both “logos” that represent an idea, a person, or a group of people.

Through familiarity, a logo design can even create an instant feeling of hunger, excitement, fear, purpose, and even a sense of belonging. Logos are understandably powerful and useful in business marketing practices.

Activity: Create your own logo and brand it! (That is to say, “Share it if you really like it.”)

Daily Activity Challenge: Every day for the following week try to create a new logo design. Pretend you are working for different clients that sell different kinds of products. What kind of logo design would you present to them if they sold: toys, makeup, clothing, resorts, counseling, etc.

Additional Education:  Watch the following video and learn some amazing truths about Logos and how much subliminal logo branding goes on in our world without us even recognizing it.  For good or for bad we are affected by our surroundings, the images we see and the sounds we hear.  I have the video set to start near the middle of the video (26:15), this is where the speaker shows you an amazing example of all this!