Lesson Report: Write Down What You Learned

Write a report on color psychology or jot down as many organized notes as you can about what you have learned. This valuable piece of information can help you dramatically in the future so take time on this and do this for yourself!

Lesson Activity: Create Your Own Color Chart

Video Tutorial

View the Made To Be Unique video lesson above and try creating a similar color wheel of your own.

Daily Activity Challenge: Every day for the following week create a new color chart that focuses on only one color.  Start with the primary colors first: red, blue, yellow.  Then work on secondary colors: green, orange, purple.  Finally learn about black and white.  To challenge yourself you can use different shades of the same color and explain how the different levels of saturation may affect how we are influenced by that color.  Include words in your chart that describe the emotions that the color gives.  Be creative and organized as much as possible by exploring different fonts, shapes and sizes.

You can research additional videos or illustrations on color psychology to help you with words.  Pinterest, Youtube, Wikipedia and Google Images are helpful resources when used with precaution.

See examples: 1, 2, 3

Note that the influence of colors will vary from person to person based on learned behaviors and past experiences, whether good or bad.  So for the most part people are generally influenced by colors the same way, but not always.  Also, colors can influence us differently in different surroundings.

If this lesson intrigues you to learn more about color psychology I highly recommend watching the The Meaning of Color by Professor William Lidwell online at Great Courses Plus.  They offer a free trial and this course alone is worth giving their membership a try!

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