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Crystal Calhoun is a professional website designer and developer. She is the owner and founder of Made To Be Unique. She offers her clients a mixture of talents including graphic design and digital art. She enjoys helping others grow in their small and large businesses as well as teaching others how to do these things for themselves. Crystal also greatly enjoys SEO, marketing and analytics for business growth. Crystal hopes to bring all of her skills to online courses, making them available for members, clients, friends and family.

Lesson 24: Who Creates Products?

Lesson 24: Real product designs and size standards for professional print Who Creates Products using your images? Zazzle deviantART CafePress Spreadshirt   Zazzle Age Restrictions You must be at least 13 years of age to use this Site. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about this restriction. Paypal Age Restrictions Your [...]

Lesson 24: Who Creates Products?2019-11-14T17:52:48-06:00

Lesson 23: Creating your own stock!

Let's talk about making your own stock images to sell online! Stock sites can be rather strict in what they approve especially in regards to photography but I have found it rather easy to have my background stock images approved more often times than not. There's not a lot of money to make when you [...]

Lesson 23: Creating your own stock!2019-11-14T17:52:59-06:00

Lesson 22: Logo design and logo branding

Logos have been around since basically the beginning of time. They are simply an emblem, a mark, or a symbol—whether in text or in graphic design—that represents a person, a group of people, an idea, or a business. The purpose of the logo is to help people identify who you are and what you represent. [...]

Lesson 22: Logo design and logo branding2019-11-14T17:53:09-06:00

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